September 10

Where We Are Being Listened To On Spotify


Where we are being listened to on Spotify

Listeners in 15 out of 60 Spotify countries!

When you launch a podcast, it is exciting to see where your listeners are coming from.  So I am happy to share with you where people are listening to us from outside of Australia.

Most of our listeners to this point are located in Australia, but more than half of our listeners are from outside of Australia, and, in a big surprise to both David and myself, most of our listeners by far are listening to us on Spotify.

When I set up the podcast, and the ways to listen to it, foremost in my mind was that I know that many people located outside of Australia do not have large data limits, and that large files to download are not helpful for many of our potential listeners. Because of this I make the file available in a size that about 25% the size of most podcast files that run to the same length of time.

Take a look at the map below and the accompanying table to see where we are being listened to so far.

As things change I will be sure to post updates to keep you informed.

Listener Country

Most Listeners (Ranking)


Third (equal)


Second (equal)


Second (equal)


Fifth (equal)


Fifth (equal)


Fifth (equal)


Fifth (equal)


Fifth (equal)


Third (equal)


Fourth (equal)




Fifth (equal)


Fourth (equal)

United Kingdom

Fourth (equal)

United States of America

Fourth (equal)

Listeners via the RSS Feed

Through our RSS Feed (you can see the links in the box below) we are getting listeners from four countries - Australia, Philippines, United States and Singapore. That order is also the ranking for number of listeners.

We will be making a big push to increase the countries where we are being listened to, but you can certainly help us out by sharing any episodes that you think may be helpful to your friends, family, workmates or anybody else you may know.

What do You think about our episodes?

We are always looking to make our episodes most useful to you, the listener. So please let us know if there are topics you want us to cover, there are questions you would like us to answer or places you would like us to make the podcast episode available.

For specific questions you would like us to answer in future episodes, just leave the question in the comments below.

We have tried to make it easy to listen, wherever you are


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  • Hi David and Grant,

    I have been listening to your podcasts and they have been very interesting and useful!

    I was hoping to put a request through for a Podcast regarding Visa Subclass 476 (Skilled Engineering Graduate Visa) as it is less conventional in the sense of information available about it. It has also been pushed back from a 9 month processing time to 18 months in the space of a year.

    My partner and I (both from the UK) have lodged this visa recently, myself as the primary applicant and my partner as a dependant (de facto relationship).

    It would be interesting to hear more information about it as well as the transition from this visa to potentially a PR visa – that is our long term goal.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for listening…. I have forwarded this off to David, and we will discuss how to approach this and cover it in an episode. We are working through the issues raised by the work-from-home situation with Covid19, so I will let you know when it is coming up. Regards, Grant

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