November 30

Ep. 6 Student visa (subclass 500) Questions and Answers


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David answers Questions about the Student Visa

Something a little different for this episode - David answers a long list of real questions, and teases out many of the issues surrounding the Student Visa (subclass 500)

Medical Examination Questions

Why is a urine test done for an Australian student visa?

Do they check for drugs in an Australian student visa medical exam?

What type of medical tests are done for the Australian student visa?

Will mentioning my smoking habit in the medical tests affect my chances of getting a student visa?

Getting Permanent Residency after holding a student visa

What are the PR prospects in Australia after completing a Master of Science in Computer Science?

Can someone apply and get PR while holding a student visa before completion of a Masters?

Can someone obtain PR while on a student visa doing a PhD? Points are already achieved.

As an Indian student applying for a student visa, I had to choose an MBA, but this course isn't eligible for PR.  What should I do?

Proof of Funds required for student visa

How much in funds do I need to apply for an Australian student visa?

What type of funding is accepted for the student visa? Is a term-deposit or fixed-deposit acceptable?  What about a loan against a fixed-deposit or shareholding?

Can I show bank statements from my father's bank account for my proof of funds?  Do I need to transfer the money into my account?

Changing a student visa

Can I change from an Australian student dependent visa to a student visa while in Australia?

Student visa and spouse or partner

How can I work in Australia if I am there due to my wife's student visa?  What types of jobs can I find there?

Can my spouse accompany me if I am on a student visa?  Can they work when there?

What if my wife gets pregnant during her student visa in Australia?

What if my delivers a baby in Australia while on a student visa?  Will the child get PR or citizenship?

What to do if your student visa is refused

Why would a student visa be refused?

I got my Australian student visa refused.  Can I apply again using the same Confirmation of Enrolment, and what are the chances of success?

After how long can I reapply for  an Australian student visa after getting a refusal?

My student visa for Australia was refused.  The reason given was that I am not a genuine temporary entrant.  What can I do?

Will my UK visitor visa refusal affect my Australian student visa application?

Change from tourist/visitor visa to student visa?

Can I change my Australian tourist visa to a student visa?

Can I change from an Australian tourist visa to a student visa once I am in Australia?  (23, UK citizen, has a CoE, but want to travel first).

Travel on a student visa

If I have an Australian student visa, can I travel to New Zealand and re-enter on that visa?

English language requirements for a student visa

What is the minimum IELTS band required for an Australian student visa?

Application process and time to process

Why does an Australian student visa take so much time?  It's been 1 month and seven days.  I email them every day with no reply, and my course started yesterday.  What can I do?

How long does it take to get an Australian student visa as a Nigerian?

How can I apply for an Australian student visa without going through an education agency?

Do I get any advantage applying for a student visa if a few of my family members already live in Australia?

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