August 6

Ep. Zero Introduction to David Bongiorno – Leading Migration Agent


Introduction to David Bongiorno

Learn how David went from interviewing movie superstars to become one of Australia's best Migration Agents

Visas mentioned in this episode

Tourist Visa
Visitor Visa
Partner Visa
On-shore partner visa
Prospective marriage visa

If you are thinking of moving to Australia, there are things that you should know about Australian Immigration Law, Policy, and Practice. Lucky for you, you are in the right place!
Welcome to the first episode of the Migrating to Australia Podcast. This episode gives you an overview of what the podcast will be about. Hosted by Grant Williams and leading Australian immigration lawyer, David Bongiorno, this podcast aims to empower, enlighten and inform people who wants to migrate to Australia.
David is one of Australia's most respected immigration lawyers. His legal insights and advice in the area of immigration law are decisive, frank and honest. Starting his working life as a journalist, David travelled the world working in many Asian and third world countries. Himself being of an Italian migrant background, he well knows that migrating to Australia can vastly change one's life.
Listen as Grant and David give us a brief background about what inspired them, why they chose to start a podcast, and their goals in helping good people who want to migrate to Australia achieve their dreams - whether they be to study, work or live in Australia.

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