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A weekly news and information show featuring by leading Australian immigration lawyer David Bongiorno discussing the latest news and updates about migration to Australia and answering listener questions about specific visa and immigration issues.
This podcast is all about Australian Immigration Law, Policy, and Practice.

Leading Migration Lawyer - David Bongiorno

David Bongiorno

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Ep. 34 Staying In Australia – Subclass 485 Graduate Visa
Book an Appointment with David Staying In Australia after you graduateListen carefully to this episode to understand the pathway from[...]
Ep. 33 Unique Problems for American and Australia Dual Citizens
Book an Appointment with David What we covered in the Live Stream This episode is the recording of a live[...]
Ep. 30 What Temporary Residents Need To Know in light of Covid-19
Book an Appointment with David What we covered in the Live StreamThis episode is the recording of a live stream[...]
Ep. 29 Standard Business Sponsorship (subclass 482)
Announcement Regarding LivestreamBefore the episode details, an announcement!On Friday, March 27th at 12.00pm, midday, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time -[...]
Ep. 28 Studying a Childcare Diploma as a vehicle for Permanent Residence
Can you study a Childcare Diploma for PR?If you are considering studying Childcare in Australia on a subclass 500 visa,[...]
Ep. 6 Student visa (subclass 500) Questions and Answers
Insert Content Template or Symbol David answers Questions about the Student Visa Something a little different for this episode -[...]

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