August 13

Ep. 1 Changes to Employer-sponsored Skilled Migration


Changes to Employer-sponsored Skilled Migration

The Australian Government made some changes in November that you need to know about.

Visas mentioned in this episode

 Skilled Visa
Partner Visa
Spouse Visa
187 Visa
186 Visa
457 Visa
8602 Visa
771 Visa
Bridging visa A
Bridging visa B
Tourist Visa

In this episode, You Will Learn About:

Changes in Skilled Visa Entry Category
Who Does Skilled Visa Serve
Caveats on Occupations
Importance of Insurance When Migrating to Australia
What To Do When You Submit Your Application
What is an ImmiAccount
Using a Tourist Visa to Look Around First

If you are in the process of coming to Australia, make sure that you have everything that you need to lodge with the application. Welcome to the second episode of the Migrating to Australia Podcast. In todayís episode, Grant and David discussed the changes to employer-sponsored skilled migration to Australia.
Learn why Grant and David advice listeners to avoid seeking help from local education agents. Save hundreds and thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of time by asking for legal advice from a registered migration agent.
Listen as Grant and David tackles the changes in skilled visa entry category detail by detail. Remember: Immigration is a movable phase. Things will change again. What we say in this episode might be different in December or March. Luckily, we will be updating everyone as we come along.

Useful links for this episode

Lists of eligible skilled occupations -

Caveats on occupations -

Fact sheet one: Reforms to Australiaís temporary employer sponsored skilled visa program ñ commencement of the new Temporary Skill Shortage visa -

Fact sheet two: Reforms to Australiaís permanent skilled migration program -

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